Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome To Called By Fire Ministries!!!

About Us:                                                                         James and Shalena French are the founders of Called By Fire Ministries. They have been ministering in and around the Tulsa area for five years. They started ministering in Coweta Oklahoma as members of Abundant Rain Church through outreaches within the community and service within the church. In 2009 they became the children's pastors at Abundant Rain Church. In 2011 they resigned from the their position to step into God's call for their lives. Called By Fire Ministries was born.

The Call: 
James was laying in bed asleep when he felt like he was suddenly taken up. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. He saw the Lord standing in front of him and the only words that he could manage to speak were in the form of a question: “Lord?” James fell to his knees and as he did Jesus reached out his hands towards him. James touched the holes in his hands and he began to weep. Jesus then pulled him into his robe and hugged him. He felt so alive in that moment! It felt like things just fell off of him! He could feel total freedom!

Jesus helped him up and they walked to a large stone box. Jesus removed the stone lid, sliding it off with one hand. Before them in the box was a fire burning on a bed of coals. The fire was hotter than anything he had ever felt on earth. Jesus motioned for James to step closer and listen to the fire. He will never forget the sound. It was the sound of a roaring lion. It never ended, it just went on and on. Jesus reached in and grabbed a hand full of coals and fire, and he pressed them into James' chest. When James awoke, he sat up in his bed and felt the Lord speaking to him: “Now Go"!

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God bless you,
James & Shalena French